Monday, 8 January 2018

Highlights from 2017 & 2018 resolution

This blog is new for 2018 and while it may be fresh I wanted to look back at some of my highlights over the past year as there have been quite a few.

January I gained the support from my manager and colleagues at work as I told them the news that I had applied for University, although yet to be confirmed if I would be going or not their support meant I could relax a little.
I also booked my driving test and told no-one about the date. Only my husband knew. My decision to keep it under wraps applied less pressure.

This was one of my favourite months. February I passed my driving test. First time and mega chuffed. Everyone was surprised (that I booked in the date so soon) but supper happy and all congratulated me. It did feel a little weird to be driving by myself but almost a year on it just feels natural. The day after my test we all picked up our new car which made it even more exciting.

March came and went with nothing standing out to me. Come April and I had an interview for the university I wanted to attend. At the time I felt it went well and when I received an offer a few days later while in Amsterdam, it made my trip. I was only in Amsterdam for a few days of exploring and it was a beautiful eye opener to a beautiful city. Makes me want to travel even more.

May I turned another year older and got to celebrate my birthday with a surprise of my best friend. She whisked me off to Birmingham for the night where we enjoyed dinner in a beautiful restaurant and watched Dirty Dancing at the theatre. One of my favourite films and was incredible watching it in theatre.

My last month in college was in June and I managed to complete my course with the grades needed to attend university. Years ago I was never one for completing things but that all changed the little bit older I got. Having kept down a job as well as college surprised me but I am ever pleased I did it.

July became my 'almost' last month working. I was to return in September briefly for two weeks but it was still a goodbye and a close of a chapter. No more planning, observations or work at home. From now on I could close the door behind and focus only purely on my studies.

August was a great month in terms of travel. As a family we went to Cyprus. Such a great holiday and only made my itch/desire to travel even more. September I got ready for uni, I said goodbye tom colleagues and prepared myself for the next three years of hard work and sweat. Welcome week or as most people knows it - freshers week was not really for me, instead I wanted to get going an get my head down and focused.

It was such a slow start to university with various days here and there throughout October, I also got my uniform (as I am studying nursing) which is something I could not wait to receive, it felt even more real. Between November and December I have learnt a lot of new skills that hopefully will see me well in my new chosen career.

I ended 2017 on being reflective, looking back at the good times and deciding what I need to do to continue being me and happy. I read a brilliant article the other week with regards to resolutions and it said about making one and sticking to it. You are more than likely to stick to your resolution if you only make one. So for 2018 my one and only resolution will be: To be more organised. Simple, yet something I hope to achieve.

And that is my highlights from 2017. All in all a positive year for me, just hope that 2018 will be just as good.


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