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Wonderlist | 10 places I'd love to travel to

I've not traveled many places within my twenty something years but as I'm getting older I have suddenly got the urge to see the world and travel to some beautiful destinations. I have the urge to just book as many flights and holidays I can squeeze into what time I do have off work and escape. However being a mum to 2 young children and home to look after I'm afraid that would be out of the question. My holidays will have to consist of planning and saving. Nonetheless doesn't stop me from dreaming. After whittling it down I've managed to think of 10 top places I'd love to visit (hopefully within the next couple of years) :

 10. Paris
I've been to Paris once when I was 14 and that was for a school trip. We didn't stay in the nicest of hotels or had the nicest of foods but we got to do a cruise on the river seine and spend the day in Disney - something which has to be the highlight of that trip! Everyone dreams to go to Disney. I'd love to do a weekend/city break in Paris, go to the Eiffel Tower take another cruise on the river and perhaps visit the Notre Dame. A trip to Paris would not be complete without a trip shopping though and then putting a padlock on the 'love' bridge.

9. Italy
Nothing I like more than a good pizza. And nothing I like more is to travel to the home of pizza. So many places in Italy you can visit but I would love to visit Rome. When I was younger I used to be a huge Mary-Kate and Ashley fan and loved watching there films two of my favorites have made me want to go to the destinations 1 which is "When in Rome" you saw them visit the Spanish steps, Colosseum and the Trevi fountain (can you see a pattern) and I would just love to visit these famous landmarks. Try some proper pizza and not forgetting some Italian ice-cream :)

8. Thailand
Just of late a lot of people I know have visited Thailand and once they've shown me pictures of how beautiful it is, I just want to view the beauty of it for myself. My aunt went last year and got up close and personal with some tigers. Not some teddy, cuddly type tigers but real life! I'd be crapping my pants literally but it is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that you wouldn't want to miss. As I'm writing this a few more friends are visiting this island and have seen some amazing beaches and waterfalls. This location for me will be all about relaxing and taking in that paradise feel.

7. Greece (Mykonos)
 The last two years I have visited 2 Greek Islands - Crete and Zakynthos, both are beautiful. I didn't really go for a relaxing summer break but the views are stunning, I love the food and the culture. When in Crete we visited the 'old' town which had stunning traditional Greek houses and tavernas. Felt very homely and I just love seeing what a place has to offer besides the local gift shop. Last year I got to visit Santorini, a truly beautiful island. It was a grown-up style holiday and I absolutely loved it. I would love to re-visit with my husband and have chilling, beautiful time. Another beautiful island I would love to visit, that I have heard great things about it Mykonos. I have seen some amazing, stunning pictures of Mykonos, it is a beautiful island and it truly looks like true paradise. Somewhere to relax in the sun, re-coop and escape. Total bliss.

6. Barbados
The beauty of the Caribbean. Barbados for me is a place to visit for personal reasons. My husband's Nan is originally from Barbados and as we have children I guess its part of their background. I'd love to be able to take them and show them what they are half about (if that makes sense). The Caribbean as most will know has beautiful untouched beaches and have a togetherness among the community that is just inviting. Other than wanting to get a lovely golden tan, I would love to experience the culture, the food, just everything about Barbados.

5. Maldives
If I was to rewind 8 years ago, shortly after getting engaged and after spending countless hours scanning through bridal magazines, the Maldives became a real contender to go on honeymoon. The way the Maldives are advertised is just mesmerizing. Beautiful crystal clear waters, little huts/bungalows on stilts and private islands what more could you want for a romantic getaway?

4. Miami
I'm probably not the only one to have done this but Miami was in my list of names I'd love if I was to have a daughter. Oh how times changed. Something about the name Miami that just makes me think beauty.

3. USA (Smaller Towns)
There is so much press for a lot of the bigger countries or cities and a lot of time I feel smaller towns could get left behind. I've always been one who wanted to move to America but the older I got the more it seemed unrealistic. Smaller towns (less popularized) such as Boston, San Fran and Chicago are top contenders to visit. Typical American feel. High schools, yellow school bus and those ever big houses that seem so beautiful (oh to live in a big house).

2. Florida
You can all probably guess why this is on my list and kind of relates to no.10! When I was 14 I visited Disney but have never visited the ultimate Disney. Children make things seem more magical. And as a dream to visit Disney World in Florida I can truly find my inner child with my own children. Also one of my lifelong dreams is to swim with Dolphins. Dolphins are my favorite animals ever. I know in Florida you can swim with Dolphins and honestly I would be a blubbering mess if I ever EVER got to fulfill my dream.

1. New York
At the top is of course New York. Central Park, Rockefeller Center, Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station - ahh - all of it! I want it all. To be a real tourist. To watch a musical on Broadway, stand in times square and eat at the hard rock café! New York has been somewhere I've wanted to visit for quite a number of years. Each year I jokingly ask as a present for tickets to New York and each year I don't receive them. I plan to go either before or for my 30th so I have quite a few years yet but I will love it.

Now after writing this I'm eager to travel. I want to see the world and explore these beautiful places. Something I'm super excited for is this summer, I'm travelling to Cyprus! Although not on my list, it is still a contender for places to visit. Although some seem a bit ambitious, a little bit on the pricey side but I guess by saving hard I will and can achieve visiting these places.

Do you have a wish list of places you'd love to visit? Have you been to any of these?


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