Monday, 12 February 2018

A Week in Santorini

Santorini, for me has always been a place I've only ever dreamed of visiting. A few occasions I have searched for holidays and sadly all were out of my price range. Last year I managed to actually find a really good deal and that said a holiday to this beautiful island was booked.
A week of relaxing in the sun with my friend, I took only a few photo's as it was more of a relaxing holiday and I wanted to enjoy the time before I started my studies again.

Santorini is such a beautiful greek island. We stayed in the beautiful Kamari, which had this beautiful, grown up feel to the area. Kamari is best known for its black beach (not sand I may add, but pebbles) which made me want to go to the beach, sadly it was all pebbles and therefore I did not go on the beach as, as you can imagine the footwear was not suitable. This made me a little sad as recently as I have developed a love for the beach.

All along the beach there are restaurants wanting to drag you in and the food is just exquisite, all greek and just beautiful. I'm not the best eater and very rarely try new foods but while there I had some tzatziki, it was delicious and most definitely my new favourite cuisine.

The holiday consisted of a few trips, 1 to the volcano - which had the most incredible views. The journey to the port and back was not my favourite as I hate steep hills and this was a huge hill. I had to have my eyes closed as I felt like we were going to roll down the hill. Luckily we stayed safely on the path.
While visiting the volcano I got to swim in the volcanic springs, climb up a volcano (trainers for next time) and see the sunset from the sea. The volcanic spring was just beautiful to swim in. It was pleasantly warm, unlike the actual sea but we did not go too close to the rocks as the smell was not very pleasant. When we climbed back on the boat from the sea, orange sulphur was dripping off us (something we was not told about) and unfortunately while drying ourselves it ruined our towel. Nonetheless it was a great experience and something I would consider doing again.

Another trip we decided to do was go to Oia - it was a much busier part of Santorini and covered with shops everywhere. Little quaint alleys with shops either side and it felt very traditional. It is quite high up on the island which created a beautiful picturesque setting for yet another sunset. The sunsets in Santorini are just truly mesmerising and something you would not and should not miss. We ate at a beautiful little restaurant that had an upstairs and looked as if it was balancing off the cliff. The buildings had beautiful structures and traditional white look to it.

In all honesty the island is more suited to those in couples or for a really chilled girls week, which is exactly what we had. The places we ate at in Santorini was amazing especially this one restaurant called Taverna Andreas which we found on the off chance. The food was exceptionally good that we decided to go twice. Sometimes going somewhere twice can disappoint but it still lived up to the same expectations and standards from the first time we went.

I would definitely go back, only this time I would probably take my husband. There was so much more of the island that we did not explore. You could explore it all within a day and there are little nooks we did not manage to discover, so maybe one day I will revisit but for now the memory is good enough.

Have you been to Santorini? If not would you go? And if you have been what did you love/loathe?


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