Friday, 13 April 2018

My Fitness Mission

As soon as the new year begins, everyone is more than keen to get on a fitness and clean eating band wagon. I will not lie and say I am the best 'clean' eating person as pure laziness and the practicality of a much simpler and easier way is more suitable for me. Either that or I just like excuses. Lately I feel like I have hit a bit of a slump. Too much work, being tired too often and not enough of slowing down and relaxing. I normally can be quite motivated and get inspired really easily. Over on my Instagram I follow fitness inspiration accounts and hope that one day I can have what I aspire to.
2017 was quite a busy year for me and the time to squeeze a fitness routine in with my daily life was a struggle. With many family commitments and health issues arising mixed in with endless work load, I am emotionally exhausted and unable to find the motivation to get my bum into gear and get on with my fitness.

In 2016 I had the same goal, for about two months I kept it up and followed a routine I enjoyed. The motivation was oozing out and I loved working out almost everyday. Then as I said health issues within the family put my workouts and fitness on a back burner. But now I feel mentally ready to take it on and start my fitness journey again. It's not just about appearance but feeling good. Working out for me helps me regain focus, clear my head and always brightens my mood.

There is all this pressure and stigma out there to have the perfect 'bikini' body but in reality you just need to be happy with yourself. As much as I find fitness posts inspiring, I believe the key is to stay clear of all pressure and do what suits you. My fitness mission is to attempt a routine majority of the week but it's ok if I miss a day - I am human and I should not be so hard/strict on myself that said if I am not strict I will not achieve what I want.

As well as home routine I would really love to take up running, I've heard great things about it clearing your mind and helping you focus more. In between writing assignments and university would be a great time to go running. It may help me to re-focus and shift myself on to something more practical.

Working out what works best for me is the first steps to introducing a little bit of fitness as part of my lifestyle.

It's all about finding a balance.

Is fitness apart of your lifestyle? What do you do to stay fit? And how do you stay motivated?


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